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VITIS® Implant

Innovation applied to implant hygiene

Dentaid presents the most complete and specialised range of toothbrushes for the hygiene, care and protection of dental implants.


This range includes the most advanced brushes, designed specifically for disrupting oral biofilm from around implants with the utmost precision. They are able to penetrate the peri-implant sulcus and mechanically detach the biofilm. 

There are different types of brushes in this range, depending on the area of the implant that needs to be accessed. 

Vitis implant angular

Brush with an angled neck to increase accessibility to the implant from the palatine or lingual side. Its shape anatomically adapts, allowing for access to the vestibular sides. 

Vitis implant sulcular 

Sulcular brush with a narrow head and soft filaments arranged in two rows facilitating hygiene in the gingival or peri-implant sulcus. 

VITIS implant monotip 

Monotuft brush with a small head specifically for maximum precision in cleaning implant-supported prosthetic restorations 

VITIS implant brush 

Brush with extra-soft filaments to make cleaning easy and convenient in patients with mucogingival problems. 


implant angular

Vitis® implant angular

Indicated for cleaning the area
where implants and gums meet

  • Small brush head whose soft Tynex® filaments efficiently reach areas around implants that are normally hard to clean.

  • Provides easy access to lingual surfaces of the anterior and posterior sections of the dental arches.

Vitis® implant angular


implant sulcular

Vitis® implant sulcular

Indicated for people with implants,
prostheses and periodontal problems

  • Small, narrow and linear brush head with soft Tynex® filaments arranged in two rows.

  • Specifically indicated for cleaning the gingival and/or peri-implant sulcus.

Vitis® implant sulcular


implant monotip

Vitis® implant monotip

Indicated for cleaning implants and

  • Small brush head.

  • Tynex® filaments arranged in a

  • Designed specifically to access the very small spaces in implant-supported prostheses that require maximum cleaning precision.

Vitis® implant monotip


implant brush

Vitis® implant brush

Indicated for gently and thoroughly
cleaning mouths with implants

  • Small, rounded brush head for daily brushing, care and hygiene in people with dental implants.

  • Extra-soft Tynex® filaments provide gentle, but deep, cleaning of gums when mucogingival problems are present.

Vitis® implant brush

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